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Scalp Micropigmentation Complaint

Scalp micropigmentation complaint

I am sorry to say that in recent days, complaints about scalp micropigmentation have increased in our country with the fact that everyone who have tattoo inks and needle make this treatment, not care about results. However, scalp micropigmentation can look like hair tattooing but actually its different treatment.

Scalp micropigmentation complaints usually come from two main topics. For example, “expert” who apply this treatment doesn’t care about aesthetics results. After customers not satisfied with symmetric and aesthetic look. Of course, the quality of the ink used in such an application is also questionable, it is a mystery how soon the paint will be removed from the skin.

Another complaint in the scalp micropigmentation process is that after a while the inks turn green or blue. As you can imagine, the reason for the occurrence of this negative situation are inks. Tattoo dye is used in all procedures performed under the name ”Scalp micropigmentation with a lifelong guarantee”. Tattoo ink does not remove from the skin, but after a while changes the colour.

The discoloration of the ink is observed in tattoo dyes, as well as in poor-quality scalp micropigmentation inks.

Scalp micropigmentation complaints related to allergic reaction

Although rare, scalp micropigmentation complaints also occur due to allergic reactions. As a result of these complaints, which are usually caused by the equipment used during scalp micropigmentation, the HFS Hair Center performs its own production with golden needles.

If you have an allergic to any metal, you should definitely prefer centers that use golden needles.

Scalp micropigmentation Removal

People who prefer non-professional centers for scalp micro pigmentation also have to make a serious budget and time for a possible removal procedure. Currently, 2 different scalp micropigmentation removal processes are being applied on the world. One of these procedures is also performed at the HFS Hair Center. First, let’s start with the method that is not applied in our center.

Scalp micropigmentation removal process with Laser

One of the methods used for scalp micropigmentation removal is laser . This method, which is applied with similar techniques to tattoo removal, can also take about a year to remove. If scalp micropigmentation is done with tattoo inks, the success rate is in the range of 80-90%. In other words, the entire pigmented region may not be removed.

Saline Scalp Micropigmentation Removal

Saline Scalp Micropigmentation Removal creams are developed by B.C.N.T cosmetic. The process takes 5-6 sessions, although the quality of the applied paint varies depending on the person’s body. But if in treatment used tattoo dye, just like in the process with a laser, the success rate will be between 80-90%. In other words, the entire pigmented region may not be removed. It is possible again apply SMP to before removed area.

Am I suitable for Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure?

In order not to complain at the end of the scalp micro pigmentation process, you need to make sure that you are suitable for this process. First you should be psychologically ready to this treatment.

Secondly the “expectation” factor is very important in all hair recovery procedures. If a person wants real hair on his head ; even the most beautiful scalp micropigmentation application in the world will not please this person.

In other words, first of all expert should listen customers expectations and after talk about treatment. In our center you can get most adequate advice about hair recover treatment. To summarize; “am I suitable for the scalp mcitopigmentation process? the answer to the question ” is completely proportional to your expectations. We are waiting for you to search for the answer to your question together.

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