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Scalp Micropigmentation-Removal And Renewal

Scalp Micropigmentation Removal

Recently, I have literally become unable to do the scalp micropigmentation procedure that I did in love. The problem is not “the markets are bad” or “the purchasing power is decreasing” as it came to mind in the first place. Because even in the worst days of the crisis, I had too many customers to keep up with the demands. I also find it inappropriate to show humility in expressing that this trustfulness of my clients is due to the fact that I am performing my art very correctly.

“Well, Serkan, if you have a lot of clients and you are an expert in your business, why are you saying that you can’t make scalp micropigmentation procedure?” they ask me. Actually, the reason is very simple. There are many tattoo artists, who start to make scalp micropigmentation. The problem is that because of the inks and equipment they use, so they turn people’s head to green or blue colours.

I’m not exaggerating at all, one of the questions asked to me every day over the Internet, by phone, by e-mail is ‘ Do you do scalp micropigmentation removal procedure ?’ In this article, I aim to provide detailed information about scalp micropigmentation correction and scalp micropigmentation process through this article. I hope it is useful for you.

Why Does the Color of Scalp Micropigmentation Change?

One of the biggest reasons (maybe even the only reason) for the removal of the scalp micropigmentation process is the poor quality ink. People who claim to have performed this process under the name of ”Lifelong Scalp Micropigmentation”; Unfortunately, they use dyes that are harmful to human health, change color after a while and cannot be removed from the skin over time.

No matter what dye is injected into the skin, after a while it will undergo a color change due to the sun, salt and moisture. This is an inevitable end. But if the dye is excreted from the skin without losing its color property, you can refresh the scalp micropigmentation process without turning a green or blue. Remember: Scalp micropigmentation is a semi-permanent hair treatment procedure.O course, this application also has a period of use. Depending on the skin type of person SMP last around 3-5 years, no more.

Scalp micropigmentation removal process with Laser

One of the methods used for scalp micropigmentation removal is laser . This method, which is applied with similar techniques to tattoo removal, can also take about a year to remove. If scalp micropigmentation is done with tattoo inks, the success rate is in the range of 80-90%. In other words, the entire pigmented region may not be removed

Removing scalp micropigmentation with laser method is a painful process. Due to the fact that wounds will form on the head after the procedure, the healing process may also take time.

Saline Scalp Micropigmentation Removal

This method is also a method applied in our scalp micropigmentation centers. Saline Scalp Micropigmentation Removal cream applied to the skin like scalp micropigmentation procedure. Saline Scalp Micropigmentation Removal procedure can remove scalp micropigmentation inks in 5-6 sessions. But if in treatment used tattoo dye, just like in the process with a laser, the success rate will be between 80-90%. In other words, the entire pigmented region may not be removed.

Is it possible again apply scalp micropigmentation procedure to the area where it was removed before with laser

The second question that people who want to get rid of unsuccessful scalp micropigmentation ask is about “is it possible apply SMP again”. It is usually possible to apply a re-pigmentation process to the SMP removal area. But in order to be able to say something for sure about this, it is necessary to see the procedure that has been made.

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