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Perfect results with computer-aided scalp micropigmentation as the first in the world. Great results with real hair effects thanks to software developed by Turkish software developers. It ensures that every pigment is the same during the process, so it plays an effective and important role in achieving a natural appearance.

Don’t Risk Your Health

It has been obtained as a result of long R&D studies. As raw material has been selected products with vegetable content that are most suitable for the human body .It is excreted from the skin over time. The Ministry of Health has a red seal. It has been dermatologically tested. Heavy metal tests were performed. It is the world’s first HALAL certified product. In this sense, it is the only product produced in Turkey.

Great Results With a Golden Needle System

We developed and apply the world’s first Golden Needle system, which is suitable for the thickness of the hair. Golden Needle System will never occur an allergic reaction. A natural look is achieved with great hair pigments. The healing process is very fast. The world’s thinnest scalp micropigmentation system creates the perfect hair effect with 0.18 micron. Patent no: Tr 2016 06336 Y

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Many companies in the world are applying scalp micropigmentation. In existing systems, there is only one size needle available. These needles are made of metal alloy. In the golden needle scalp micropigmentation, there are different needles according to the thickness of the hair. In this way, the most appropriate scalp micropigmentation is made for the person’s existing hair.Gold is the most suitable material for the human skin.Thanks to this, it provides the opportunity to work perfectly in irritated skin. After the procedure, no scarring has formed on the area and the person continues his daily life within hours.

Scalp micropigmentation is absolutely safe procedure,but it is not appropriate for person’s ,who often change hair colour,has a cancer,skin problems or for pregnants.

Before scalp micropigmentation the area is numbed with creams and the person does not feel severe pain.

Scalp micropigmentation is a not permanent procedure.Depending on the person’s skin type and lifestyle, it provides approximentaly 3-5 years of use.We can aslo make removing procedure,too.

SMP inks should contain natural ingredients and be resistant to fading. This is the main point of SMP inks. The clinic,where you will apply SMP procedure should show you the dermatological test of inks. In this sense, B.C.N.T products are the highest quality SMP inks in the world. B.C.N.T inks used are accredited by the relevant ministry and dermatologically tested.

We use the world’s highest quality “B.C.N.T” inks for the scalp micropigmenation procedure.Depending on the person’s skin type and lifestyle, it provides approximentaly 3-5 years of use.

Scalp micropigmentation does not hair growth.This procedure is the process of giving a more dense and bush appearance by applying minor hair effects to the problem area of scalp.SMP procedure shows result after 3-5 hours, however in hair transplant you should wait approximentaly 1 year.


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Serkan BOZKURT Says!

Scalp Micropigmentation gives perfect results if it was done by the SMP experts. All products, from the needle to the towel , which uses in SMP treatment, are personalized and disposable products. This way you will have zero risk.

Take care of your hair!

Our company is the founder of scalp micropigmentation in Turkey and is one of the leading SMP center’s in the world. Nowadays, we are one of the few companies in the world that produce their device and inks. All our products are made in Turkey. We work harder to be the best SMP center in the world.

You have many reasons to choose us!

We are constantly working and producing to better serve you and achieve perfect results in scalp micropigmentation. In this sense, we developed and apply the world’s first computer device for scalp micropigmentation. Thanks to computer control, the whole process is complemented by zero errors. We are the first company in the world to use the Golden Needle system. The Golden Needles are suitable for the thickness of the hair, that’s why we get a 100% natural look. We developed scalp micropigmentation inks in our laboratory in Turkey. Scalp micropigmentation inks are tested dermatologically and their determination of heavy metals was performed. This is the world’s first scalp micropigmentation ink that has received a Halal certificate.

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