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Differences between scalp micropigmentation and scalp tattoo

Differences between scalp micropigmentation and scalp tattoo

Differences between scalp micropigmentation and scalp tattoo Typically called micropigmentation, the treatment may be similar to a traditional tattoo, but there are some differences as well that make it an ideal treatment for the scalp.
First difference between micropigmentation and tattoo lies in the pigment used. Many tattoos use a non-organic dye which can be harmful to you and irritate the skin. It can even cause your skin to discolor and turn blue. Scalp micropigmentation uses an entirely different needle than tattoos. Typical tattoo needles are much too large and imprecise to replicate the look and texture of tiny hair follicles. The reason for this is simple – the deeper pigment goes into the skin, the more likely it is to lose its round shape and spread out, resulting in an unnatural look.

SMP is a temporary process.Depending on the structure of the skin it disappears and within 3 years completely erased from the skin.SMP inks not turn into a different color. The products are tested dermatoligally and their determination of heavy metals were carried out .SMP Golden-Needles are extremely thin. Therefore you get ultra- natural look after the process. In fact, it is very easy to understand what kind of treatment a person has done.Carefully review the recommendations that he will offer you.A close-up video will show you what it really is.

Tattoo inks contain heavy metal.In cases such as brain imaging, it will cause you problem. There are no such problems in pigmentation.Temporary solutions are extremely important, given factors such as hair loss and hair whitening.

HFS center use customized products in all treatments. We prefer to use computer-aided Golden Needle, which is suitable for the thickness of the hair.We use Turkeys first registered trademark like B.C.N.T inks.They are tested dermatologically and their determination of heavy metals were performed by Ministery of Health. B.C.N.T micro pigment cosmetics has the first “Halal” certificate around the world.We try to do the perfect work and get desired result.

System patent no : TR 2016 06336 Y You can call Turkeys first registered HFS center scalp micropigmentation center per number 444 26 17 and get whole information about treatment.Our experts will be gland to answer your questions.Our goal is to provide you with quality and best service. For your wishes and suggestions bilgi@hfscenter.com

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