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10 Centennial Hair Protector:Bear Grease

The bear is one of the largest animals on land. He is carnivorous and very dangerous. Bear grease has been a substance used by those seeking healing throughout history.Bear grease was used in England in the 10th century to prevent neck inflammation. And in the 13th century , the French used it as a medicine for gout . Both bear grease and camel hump grease have been used as an emollient to treat pain and stretch marks.When using both greases, the damaged area was cleaned with warm water and wrapped with these fats.

In recent years, Russia’s use of Bear Grease or Oil in relation to hair problems has reminded us again of this raw material that has been forgotten in Europe. In Russia, and then in Ukraine, Bear Grease began to be used to prevent androgenetic baldness. Androgenetic hair loss, which affects 80 % of men and 50 % of women, causes severe hair loss.

Bear Grease expands the hair follicles, which delays male pattern hair loss. BearGrease, which prolongs the growth phase of the hair follicles, ensures that the hair follicles do not fall out before they reach a certain length.

With the development and innovation of the cosmetic industry, Bear Grease began to be included in some shampoos. Regular use of these products can make you happy beyond your expectations in terms of hair health. By massaging the area with such shampoos will be beneficial for solving hair and skin problems.

Bear Oil is a substance that is also used to treat ringworm. Bear Oil, which nourishes weakened hair follicles, thickens the hair strand and nourishes the hair follicles. But do not forget that animal fats and some vegetable oils can have allergic properties. Before applying, you can do a small allergy test by rubbing this oil into a part of your arm. I also do not recommend the use of Bear Grease by pregnant women.

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