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Who Prefers Scalp Micropigmentation?

Who Prefers Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is actually a preferred procedure for aesthetic reasons. I want people who want to apply SMP will come to my clinic only with aesthetic concerns. But this procedure not similar for everyone. In this profession, which is just becoming popular in our country, our time is spent compensating for the mistakes of people who cannot perform this procedure right.

Actually I don’t want to contact with victims of SMP which did this procedure with cheap inks imported from Far East and was performed in centers which hasn’t appropriate certification.Almost everyday we meet a scalp micropigmentation procedure which did by unprofessional experts in tattoo style.

Of course, this is not what should normally happen. But when someone asked me, “Who prefers scalp micropigmentation?“ , looking at the customer portfolio of the my center; I definitely say ”scalp micropigmentation victims”. I think that as one of the pioneers of this profession, it is the main point of my profession to correct the erroneous practice performed by someone else.

So who should actually prefer scalp micropigmentation? Now let’s look for the answers to this question.

Those who are dissatisfied with the result of a hair transplant

First of all, I have to say that I support hair transplant surgery and even refer my patients. Since hair transplantation and scalp micropigmentation are completely different procedures.

But hair transplantation does not always give the same results for all patients. Even two brothers who do the same hair transplant surgery may have different results. This is a completely normal situation.

Sometimes hair transplantation gives quite successful results, but the hair does not acquire the desired density. In such cases, pigmentation of the scalp is the ideal way out of such a situation.

That is, for those who have had a hair transplant operation, but are still dissatisfied with the result, they can apply scalp micropigmentation, which is considered a convenient procedure. But everything I say should not apply to doctors who do their job professionally.

Those Who Want to Get Results As Soon As Possible

Another audience that prefers scalp micropigmentation is those who want quickly to achieve the aesthetic appearance.Because scalp micropigmenttaion sometimes it takes one, sometimes several sessions and the person can resume their normal life immediately after it is applied. After applying the scalp micropigmentation, there are no post-procedure care that a person should pay attention to.

Scalp micropigmentation is a relatively more painless, bloodless and quick-to-use application compared to other applications.

Those Who Have Thin Hair

Thinning hair in men and women is a fairly common occurrence in recent years. People with thin hair usually prefer to cover their hair with pigments, rather than getting a hair transplant.

The most aesthetic results appear in people with thinning hair. I’m not exaggerating, I’ve seen hundreds, maybe thousands of customers who have looked in the mirror and been surprised that the procedure has achieved such a successful result.

Those Who Do Not Want to Use Prosthetic Hair

Prosthetic hair treatment is also a kind of hair replacement procedure. When the customer want feel hair on his scalp, i always recommend hair prosthetic procedure.
But some of the people who want to have a hair also don’t want to carry a material that doesn’t belong to their skin. Because this material seems strange to them and bothers them. During my professional life, I have met many people who are unhappy (for personal reasons) after getting a hair prosthetic.The same situation is possible in the scalp micropigmentation. There may be someone who is not even satisfied with the best SMP application ever.

In short, people who have hair problems but do not want to use a hair prosthesis also prefer SMP.

Those Who Are Not Physically Suitable for Other Hair Replacement Treatments

A person who has hair problems may not be suitable for hair transplantation or hair prosthesis application for various physiological reasons.

Scalp Micropigmentation, on the other hand, has no known physiological barriers. If there is no such thing as a rare allergic reaction, then SMP can be applied to anyone of any age.


  • With the SMP , you can get the desired look as soon as the process is over.
  • After the SMP, you do not need to do any special care, you can continue your daily life .
  • SMP is a completely harmless application if used a quality ink and golden needle system
  • It gives quite nice results on sparse hair.

If you still have question about SMP, you can make an appointment by calling our center. You can be sure that our specialists will be happy to answer all your questions.

Serkan Bozkurt

SMP Expert

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