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Scalp Micropigmentation Before And After

Scalp Micropigmentation Before and After

Scalp micropigmenation is a newly popularized hair treatment procedure in our country. The scalp micropigmentation is less laborious than other hair treatment methods and does not require additional care after the procedure, consequently it is often preferred. It is possible to have an idea about the procedure by seeing the photos before and after the scalp micropigmentation.

Are the Scalp Micropigmentation Before and After Photos on the Internet Real?

The inconceivable development of technology raises suspiction. When you surfing in Internet “SMP Before and After”, you can find enomous perfect results of treatment, which can lead you immediately to do this treatment. After reviewing an average of 15-20 photos, appears such question, Are these photos real?”

I would like to announce the most of the Before and After SMP photos posted on the Internet are real. To the question “How do you know?” i have a simple answer: photos was taken from my website. Actually, before i was very angry to this situation,because other centers shared my SMP results and mentioned their names, but now i enjoy to see my works everywhere.The imitations keep the originals alive.

If any scalp micropigmentation center shows you before and after SMP results,i recommend contact of customers, who results you found successful. I agree, not every customer who allows the publication of their photo may want to share their contact number. But it is always possible to get at least one or two references to check the quality of treatment.

Preparation process to the Scalp micropigmentation

A person who wants to have a scalp micropigmentation does not need to do any special preparation for this procedure. It is enough for us to make sure that the treatment that will be made meets your expectations so that we can start the procedure. It is possible to start the process of scalp micropigmentation after a few small tests.

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that can be started and finished as soon as possible compared to other hair treatment methods.

What Should I Pay Attention After Scalp Micropigmentation?

“What are the points to be considered after scalp micropigmentation?”This question is also we often get from people who visit our center . There are no points that you should pay attention. Directly after scalp micropigmentation, you can resume your daily life from where you left off.For this reason, scalp micropigmentation is the most ideal method for hair.

There are no products that you need to use, such as a cream,special shampoo or care product.

What to consider to avoid disappointment after scalp micropigmentation?

If you follow the recommendations I have listed below, you will largely eliminate the possibility of disappointment after scalp micropigmentation.

  • It is important to make sure that scalp micropigmentation will meet your expectations. No matter how successful the treatment is, if your expectations are different from the maximum result in the application, the procedure will not make you happy.
  • Scalp micropigmentation is a aesthetic procedure, therefore you should search professional expert. No matter expert use high quality equipment or inks, if he/she not professional the results could be unsuccessful. After the scalp micropigmentation specialist, the quality of the equipment is also an important factor for getting the desired result. The combination of professional expert with quality equipment and inks will also produce great results.
  • Scalp micropigmentation is not a permanent procedure. Of course, this procedure also has a period of use, and like all other cosmetic treatments,it must be renewed and retouched for a certain period of time.
  • Stay away from places that gives lifelong guarantee. Presumably, due to the fact that tattoo ink or a substance with side effects on human health will be used, you may get a skin disease .

What Can I Do If I Am Not Satisfied With SMP Results?

I can proudly say that among the thousands of customers who prefer HFS Hair Center, our dissatisfied customers may be 2 or 3. These dissatisfaction were also caused not by the failure of the procedure, but by the fact that people were not sure of their expectations. For this reason, it is very important for me to be sure of the expectations of the people who will make the scalp micropigmentation. No, but if you are still not satisfied with the result of this process; scalp micropigmentation removal process is also performed in our center. Even if you do not do a scalp micropigmentation removal procedure, it will be disappear around 3-4 years.

I will continue to impartially describe the pros and cons of this treatment. Just follow us to get the right information about scalp micropigmentation.

Serkan Bozkurt

Scalp Micropigmentation Expert

Scalp Micropigmentation Before and After 

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