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What is a hair transplant?

What is a hair transplant?

There are thousands of articles, videos and photos related to hair transplant on the Internet. Since everywhere it is said only about the positive qualities of hair transplant, people of course begin to look for alternative answers. If you constantly conduct research on the Internet about hair treatment, then you understand that you can get the most accurate information from me. Because even in the process of scalp micropigmentation, in which I am an expert, I am not one of those who avoids expressing all possible shortcomings. With aesthetic operations, it is unpleasant that a person who has undergone surgery experiences an unexpected outcome.

First of all, I have to say that scalp micropigmentation and hair transplant are not similar. Hair transplant is another procedure. I will tell all aspects of this process as much as I can. Then decide for yourself whether the hair transplant method is suitable for you or not. Let’s start analyzing the hair transplant operation.

Firstly, hair transplant is an aesthetic but surgical operation. Like all surgical operations, it must be performed by a specialized doctor. The method called FUE is currently used in the world. This process, which consists of the initials of the term ”Follicular Unit Extraction”; is actually a type of tissue transplantation.

The hair on the back of head is resistant to loss. In hair transplant operation, the back of the head is called the “donor” zone. If there are no suitable hair removal areas , parts such as the beard and chest may be preferable. But the number of doctors who prefer this part is small. Because the hair roots transplanted from this area do not look very aesthetic.

In hair transplant operation is the most easy part is implanting hair follicles.Removing transplants from donor area may take aroudn 14 hours. Expert should be very careful because hair follicles can be damaged.The last part of operation is implanting of transplants.

To prevent fluids injected into the head during surgery from entering the forehead area after surgery, you need to keep your head back for several days. If you do not pay attention to this, swelling may occur in the forehead and on the face.

After the operation, you need to be very careful. You need to use pillows for the back of the head or you can put a towel. You should also take precautions not to inadvertently move your hands to your head.

It may also take a month or more for the donor and the recipient areas to heal. You should also use the medications recommended by your doctor. Apart from oral medications, medications and shampoos that you should apply to your hair may also be recommended.

Is Hair Transplant a guaranteed operation?

I have never heard that any plastic surgeon gives a 100% guarantee for a hair transplant. Transplant grafts (graft: hair strands taken from the donor area with a root.) The operation is considered successful if it occurs at a rate of 80%. However, it is not medically possible for every operation to give the same result. In fact, it is related to this operation performed under local anesthesia, which is a kind of surgery, the chances of success in tissue transplantation are directly related to the physiological characteristics of the person; I also want to share my personal recommendations.

Recommendations for Those Who Will Have a Hair Transplant

  • Although hair transplant is a medical procedure, remember that there is also an aesthetic side to the job. Therefore, when choosing your doctor, be sure to choose a professional doctor.
  • Hair transplant operation should be done in a hospital.
  • You should request “before and after hair transplant ” photos of the procedures they have done before.
  • Make sure that the process after the operation will not strain you physically and spiritually.
  • Some hair transplant operations may not be successful at the first time. Be financially and morally prepared for the occurrence of such a situation.

Serkan Bozkurt

Scalp Micropigmentation Expert

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